Autism Society of GA T-Shirts

LINK: Over the last few months, we have had many requests about where you can get one of our custom made t-shirts…..and now you can! Please donate (sugggested amount $20 + shipping) and you can get yours now! Donations directly benefit programs and services that support our autism community in GA! Please read below and consider a suggested donation of $20, which in return will get you a Autism Society of Georgia custom made t-shirt! As an affiliate of the Autism Society of America, the oldest community based grass roots organization in the United States, the Autism Society ofRead More

ADA Anniversary: Removing Obstacles for 25 Years

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which President George H.W. Bush signed into law in 1990, turns 25 on July 26th. Today, most Americans take things such as ramps, wheelchair lifts on city buses or designated parking spaces for granted. Some people might not know that many of these improvements came about directly as a result of this groundbreaking civil rights law. One person who can speak from the heart about the ADA is Tom Ridge, the First U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and current chairman of National Organization on Disability (NOD). Ridge, who has a severe hearing loss fromRead More