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Over the last few months, we have had many requests about where you can get one of our custom made t-shirts…..and now you can! Please donate (sugggested amount $20 + shipping) and you can get yours now!

Donations directly benefit programs and services that support our autism community in GA!

Please read below and consider a suggested donation of $20, which in return will get you a Autism Society of Georgia custom made t-shirt!

As an affiliate of the Autism Society of America, the oldest community based grass roots organization in the United States, the Autism Society of Georgia is a non-profit Georgia corporation that has supported the Georgia autism community for nearly 40 years. Our goal is to increase the capacity to serve the more than 155,000 children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder throughout all 158 counties in Georgia.
Since our inception, we have been a community-based grassroots organization specifically focused on providing information and referral services for individuals with autism and their families. We recognize we must do more to fulfill our mission because of the increased prevalence of autism and the growing population of adults with autism. As a statewide organization, our objective is to be in each community ensuring that individuals with autism and their families are supported for a life time.
Our Mission
To improve the quality of life for everyone touched by autism.
Our Purpose
The Autism Society of Georgia serves as an ally dedicated to maximizing the opportunity for individuals with autism, their families, and communities in Georgia to live fulfilled lives. We advocate acceptance and inclusion and accelerate access to the specific resources each individual needs over a lifetime.
Over 155,000 children and adults have autism in Georgia. Add in mom, dad, siblings and other family members. That means several hundred thousand or more than a million Georgians are directly touched by autism. Please help us make a difference to ensure that everyone touched by autism has a bright future.

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