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Autism Advocate coverTo honor the past, you most know the past​. We begin​ this ​edition with an article on an exciting new book coming out in January, In A Different Key, The Story of Autism, by John Donvan And Caren Zucker. As John and Caren say in the opening of the article, “People forget. And they forget fast.”  If you do not know​ the history of autism and​ the legacy of our organization, this book brings to life all the incredible pioneering work of the greats of the Autism Society. John Donvan spent hours here at the Bethesda office scouring over early editions of the Autism Advocate. It is really thrilling to read this incredible history that​ ​continues to this day. ​A​s a small way to honor the​ pioneers, we follow​ John and Caren with​ pieces by ​past leaders, Connie and Harvey Lapin and Dr. Ruth Sullivan, ​to whom we are so indebted.​

To celebrate the present, we offer you a look inside the Autism Society’s 46th Annual National Conference that was held this summer in Denver, Colorado. Enjoy a lively recap by USA Today reporter and editor and Autism Society Board Member, Richard Wolf, as well as articles by session presenters, Jonathan Dylan Chase and Dr. Luke Tsai. You can ​l​earn about this year’s award winners with in depth articles from the literary and research award winners, and celebrate with us the 25th Anniversary of a conference favorite, the Speaking for Ourselves panel.

Looking to the Future, we share with you our new strategic plan – the culmination of over 6000 person hours and counting – as well as the heart-warming story of the friendship of two incredible kids who just make you know the future is bright!

To recap, open up the Fall/Winter 2015 Autism Advocate and enjoy among others:

•    What Went Before and Is Yet to Come: The Making of our Big Book on Autism’s History, In A Different Key by John Donvan and Caren Zucker
•    Breaking out of the Bubble by Jonathan Chase
•    Alexis and Noah’s Story: The Future is Bright

Click here to read this edition of the Autism Advocate. It is a huge edition of the magazine to celebrate this 50th Anniversary; we hope you all will take some time to read through and to share it far and wide as we are opening it to all!

As we close out our 50th Anniversary year, we want to thank each of you for being a part of the Autism Society and its incredible history.

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